The VentureFizz Podcast: Rick Braddock – Accomplished Executive, Investor and Former CEO of Priceline

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For the 63rd episode of our podcast, I interviewed Rick Braddock, a highly accomplished executive and investor.

Although most people are familiar with William Shatner of Star Trek fame, there are certainly lots and lots of people who also remember him as the pitchman from Priceline. He was partly paid in stock options and helped build massive consumer awareness for this company. The idea for bringing in Shatner was Rick Braddock’s, and he shares a really funny story on how that all came together.

Rick has several years of experience as an executive at large corporations and startups, where his marketing mindset has helped launch several successful products with massive consumer adoption.

He’s currently involved as an investor and chairman of the board at multiple companies like Pypestream, Gravy Analytics, and Linkstorm.

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