What You Need To Know About Buying A Car In A Pandemic

Jeremy Harrison needs a new car. But during the coronavirus outbreak, he can’t just head over to a dealership for a test drive. It turns out there’s a thing or two you need to know about buying a car in a pandemic. 

“The experience was totally new to me,” says Harrison, who runs an online business in Toronto. 

That’s the first thing to know: It’s almost all virtual now. Harrison contacted his local Hyundai dealership. A salesman FaceTimed him back. 

“He answered all my questions about the vehicle,” he says. “I also saw the insides and everything. It was almost as if I was at the dealership.”

Except that he couldn’t do a test drive. Or complete the paperwork. Or take delivery of the car. 

“According to the representative, we can only get things done once the pandemic is over,” says Harrison.

The second thing to know: It’s a work in progress.

Harrison says he’s going to wait to buy a new car. Which brings us to the third, and perhaps the most important, thing to know. Despite all the bargains, a lot of buyers are on the sidelines. The best deals will happen in about two weeks, according to projections from CoPilot, which aggregates car sales data in real-time across 46,000 U.S. auto dealers.

So if you’re in the market for a car for that summer road trip, now’s a good time to buy.

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