13 Essential Talents to Look for in Your Next Round of Hires

July 20, 2023

The key to maintaining longevity in business is to hire the right people who can best represent your company and its core values. Whether it’s someone who is excellent at forecasting what leadership should be focusing on for the future or an employee who does a great job keeping the team morale elevated with their high energy and daily motivation, staff members can make or break the company’s long-term success.

Here, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members explore the type of talent and characteristics that are essential for leaders to bring on board to manage their company’s operations and achieve growth objectives effectively.

13. Strategic Thinking and Project Management Skills

Strategic thinking and project management are the most essential skills. These involve envisioning the future while managing the present day, as well as setting clear goals and making informed decisions based on imperfect data. By doing so, companies can align their daily operations with long-term objectives and adapt to change more effectively, charting the course for future success.

Jeff White, CEO of Gravy Analytics

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