Bombora VP: Digital Marketers Still Struggle with B2B2C

August 15, 2023

You’ve heard of B2B. You’ve heard of B2C. But if you’re like many digital marketers, you might still be unsure about what B2B2C is or how it factors into the way brands today are reaching professional targets with relevant content.

A recent partnership between Gravy Analytics, a provider of enterprise location intelligence, and Bombora, a company that provides B2B intent data solutions, has put B2B2C marketing in the spotlight. Together, Gravy and Bombora will use location-based consumer insights to generate new audience segments for advertisers looking to reach professional targets. 

The concept is innovative, but also new — and somewhat complicated — which is why Street Fight was interested in talking with Bombora Vice President of Business Development Tony Mowad to learn more. 

Here’s what Mowad had to say about what B2B2C means for the martech industry, the tools he sees sales teams using to gain a competitive advantage, and how intent-powered audience data solutions are helping brands stay on the right side of ever-changing privacy laws.

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