What Boycott? Target foot traffic is up days after LGBTQ collection blowback began.

June 9, 2023

On May 24, Target pulled its Pride Month collection from stores in select states after facing backlash online. The next day brought word that the company’s CEO was defending his decision in the face of blowback from both sides. By May 26, the company expanded its removal of the collection to more states as protestors threatened violence, and #BoycottTarget gained traction on Twitter.

During this week of intense backlash, Target saw more customers walk through its doors than the week before.

While the threats were undoubtedly terrifying, the promised boycott never seemed to happen. Despite the outpouring of anti-Target sentiment (and false information) online and from right-wing politicians and pundits, foot traffic at Target stores for the last few days of May was up.

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