Google employee walkout followed by call for Google blackout at 11:10 am Pacific time

November 2, 2018

As has been widely reported, Google employees and contractors are staging a global walkout to protest the company’s response to a range of sexual harassment allegations and payments made in connection with some of those claims. The allegations and payments were first reported by the New York Times on October 25.

Close Google tabs ‘for a minute.’ The scheduled time for the walkout at Google’s California headquarters is 11:10 am Pacific time. At the same time there have been calls for users to “close Google tabs” and stop using Google services (e.g., Gmail, YouTube) “for a minute” in a show of support for the walkout.

The walkout was prompted by the revelation that Android creator Andy Rubin had been accused of previously undisclosed sexual misconduct. Google’s internal investigation reportedly found the allegation against Rubin was “credible” and he exited the company in 2014. At the time Rubin was praised and the exit was uncontroversial. Also, undisclosed at the time was a $90 million payout to Rubin as part of the exit.

Prior to Rubin, Amit Singhal who was in charge of search at Google for years, left the company and joined Uber. It was later reported that he left Google because of allegations of sexual misconduct. He apparently did not disclose that to Uber and was asked to leave there as well.

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