Gravy Analytics and Qualia Announce Data Processing Partnership

July 26, 2017

Gravy Analytics, a leading provider of real-world location intelligence for advertisers and brands, and Qualia, an omni-channel data intelligence company, announced that Qualia will contribute its consumer intent signals to Gravy’s geo-signals cloud. In turn, Gravy will provide signal cleansing and location-based insights using its patented AdmitOne™ platform. The agreement will allow Qualia to enhance its consumer device graph with Gravy’s consumer behavioral data. The additional consumer intent signals that Qualia provides will allow Gravy to scale the behavioral insights that power Gravy’s solutions.

The partnership allows Qualia to create a more holistic view of consumer interests, both online and offline, through the addition of Gravy’s location-based behavioral insights. Qualia’s cross-device graph gives clients a comprehensive understanding of mobile device, consumer, and household relationships. Unlike standard web cookies, Qualia’s IDs are persistent, ensuring that the cross-device graph becomes stronger and more accurate over time. Currently, Qualia is the only company utilizing intent data to inform its cross-device graph.

“The addition of Gravy’s behavioral insights improves the performance of our cross-device graph,” said Kathy Leake, Co-Founder and CEO, Qualia. “Gravy is able to cleanse and interpret massive quantities of consumer intent signals, and return highly-accurate behavioral profile information about device owners. For the first time, we have visibility into whether a consumer is a ‘Home Intender’, ‘Fashion Shopper’ or ‘Sports Fanatic’. This makes our cross-device graph an even more powerful marketing tool for clients.”

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