PeerLogix and Gravy Analytics Partner to Create Next-Level Audience Discovery Segments, Combining Location and OTT Viewership Data

November 1, 2018

PeerLogix, Inc, the go-to audience discovery platform for the evolving OTT/streaming TV ecosystem, announced their data-focused partnership with Gravy Analytics, a real-world location intelligence company, designed to allow marketers to target consumers across channels based on a union of the companies’ extensive data sets. This partnership is powered by LiveRamp, a leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, and their Data Innovators program.

Using these new audience segments, advertisers can reach consumers based on the television programming, movies or music they stream online and the places they visit in the real world. These identified consumers can then be targeted with campaigns designed to speak to their specific behaviors and preferences, across the programmatic digital media landscape.

An auto manufacturer, for example, might use a segment like ‘Automobile Buyers That Stream OTT’ to reach cord-cutters who have recently been observed at auto dealerships – a strong indicator that they are in-market for a new car – with ads promoting their new 2019 vehicle lineup. Taking the strategy a step further, that same auto dealership might use the more targeted segment, ‘Automobile Buyers That Stream Family Television on OTT’ to specifically promote a family-size SUV.

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