The power of oversight: monitoring sustainable supply chains

September 1, 2022
Supply chain transparency is vital to meet sustainability goals and ensure companies use partners who share their values. But how practical is it to check everyone’s credentials?

When it comes to managing a supply chain, transparency is everything. But it’s no longer only about improving efficiency and maintaining the visibility of moving goods. Instead, more companies are expanding the concept of supply chain transparency to check up on the sustainability credentials of their partners.

Of course, achieving oversight of the supply chain for the purposes of sustainability can be a daunting prospect – especially if the supply chain in question has many stakeholders or crosses borders. And, understandably, many companies have prioritised simply getting their supply chains moving again after the pandemic, rather than focusing on sustainability. 

Broad definitions of sustainability can further complicate the process. Does it cover pay, working conditions and human rights, for example, or does it mean a tight focus on carbon footprint reduction and environmental stewardship?

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