How can retailers compete with the logistics dominance of the e-commerce behemoths?

April 22, 2022

Leverage highly democratized, low-cost data, like location analytics, to manage and optimize your supply chain. The near real-time nature of this data enables increased visibility and streamlined communication throughout supply chains.

—Jeff White
Founder and CEO, Gravy Analytics

Don’t view this as a competition with e-commerce behemoths, but as another sales channel in your omnichannel strategy. Treat it as such and develop your strategy to provide differentiation on customer service and trust to be able to drive direct sales, while still leveraging other channels to build brand awareness.

—Scott Hebert

Focus on fulfillment. Can you deliver for your customers? That’s the top way to succeed in e-commerce, whether it’s processing returns, producing goods, or delivering products. Ensuring you’re running smoothly from staffing to production to deliveries to returns is the path to success in this environment.

—Carl Schweihs
President and COO, PeopleManagement, a TrueBlue company

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