6 Emerging Trends in Location & Proximity

October 17, 2017

Gravy Analytics and PeoplefindersDaaS have jointly released 50+ new audiences for use in programmatic Location and proximity are two of the biggest things that marketers can’t stop talking about. Here are six things you need to know about the market for location and proximity data.

The appetite for location data is enormous

The market for location data is heating up. Many brands are investing resources into location-based marketing, with one ad exchange alone reporting a 170% increase in the number of ad requests containing location data. But the relative newness of location technologies and approaches means that many are still unsure what exactly location data can do for them, especially with regards to potential use cases.

Furthermore, the sheer variety and complexities of the data has made it difficult for companies to interpret and apply the data on their own, forcing them to rely instead on third-party providers to turn that information into something actionable. The appetite for location data may be huge, but there’s still a gap between what people want and what they can do.

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