Study: MLB fan data signals power of location marketing

June 26, 2018


  • Major League Baseball fans have different brand and purchasing preferences depending on city, according to location data from Gravy Analytics shared with Mobile Marketer. The company used location data from mobile phones to study national baseball stadiums, the brands that sponsor them and their visitors during April 2018 to determine how well each sponsor chose their audience.
  • Gravy found that visitors of Boston’s Fenway Park are more likely to be frequent air travelers than visitors to any of the other stadiums studied, putting key sponsor JetBlue in front of many potential customers.
  • Gravy also found that visitors to PNC Park in Pittsburgh are much more likely to visit PNC Bank than visitors to any other stadium. Similarly, visitors to New York Mets’ Citi Field are far more likely to have recently visited a Citibank location, signaling that both brands’ sponsorships are a good fit.

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