Using Location Data + Analytics for Re-Opening Strategies

August 26, 2020


Show Notes:
02:16 -How Coronavirus impacted collecting location data
04:04 -Trends in location data after the initial shock of shelter-in-place 
06:42 -Changes in types of purchases and is there more consumption now 
10:03 -How Gravy Analytics is merging offline and online data 
13:20 -Targeting from a geographic perspective


Show Notes:
02:20 -How to use location data for re-opening strategies 
04:40 -Signals that can indicate what behavior is actually going to change
08:34 -The new reality for delivery services 
10:14 -Takeaways in terms of re-opening strategies and making it safe and effective


“I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek but true enough, if you look at data signals it’s almost as if they are lockdown was announced there were dramatic spikes in home goods, toiletries, and paper products. We saw it with a great frequency.” -Jeff

“Obviously we also saw the demise of people going in on offices. Almost all the entire mobility pattern within the first week of any State or locality in lockdown, it almost shook it from people actually going to work and their data flies to literally to the grocery stores.” -Jeff

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