7 Surprising Facts About March Madness Attendees

April 25, 2017

Every day, Gravy Analytics analyzes consumer attendances at over 1M events, large and small, across the U.S. And one of the biggest events – or rather, series of events – we looked at this month was March Madness. We analyzed attendances at the 63 Men’s NCAA March Madness tournament games played between mid-March and early April.

We all know who won – but who was it that attended March Madness games? Where are they from and where do they go after the game? We processed millions of signals from mobile devices at games from Buffalo, NY to Phoenix, AZ to find out.

March Madness
Fact 1. More than one-third of March Madness attendees are from the South.

Just 16% are from the Northeast.

Fact 2. Some March Madness attendees aren’t that into sports.

30% of attendees don’t typically attend games or any other sports-related event.

Fact 3. Yet 1-in-5 March Madness attendees is a true ‘Sports Fanatic’.

22% of March Madness attendees are true fans with other recent game attendances.

Fact 4. March Madness attendees like to shop – as often as possible.

24% of attendees are ‘Frequent Shoppers’ with recent attendances at retail stores like Walmart, Target and Lowe’s. fans with other recent game attendances.

Fact 5. But attendees’ favorite retail stores – and restaurants and hotels – differ based on where they live.

In the Northeast, Target, Wegmans and Staples are more frequently visited than Walmart.

Fact 6. March Madness attendees like to shop – as often as possible.

Urban Music is the most popular genre, followed by Pop Music and Hip Hop/Rap.

Fact 7. Roughly one in six March Madness attendees is also shopping for a house.

16% are potential ‘Home Buyers’ with recent attendances at open houses and similar events.

For even more insights, view the infographic below.

March Madness Attendee Profile

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