Fall Season is Coffee Season: Coffee Shop Trends in 2023

October 19, 2023

Throughout 2023, consumer foot traffic to coffee shops has been well above last year’s levels. Despite economic challenges like high inflation, consumers have been showing increased interest in specialty coffee, even throughout various menu price hikes and controversial changes in popular coffee shop loyalty programs. Since consumer interest and foot traffic to coffee shops have remained strong throughout 2023, we wanted to learn more about current consumer interest in visiting coffee shops.

Three friends enjoy coffee together in a local coffee shop

We examined consumer foot traffic to coffee shops across the U.S. to find out which states boast the highest percentages of coffee shop visitors.

Foot Traffic to Coffee Shops by State

Many states across the country are home to noteworthy amounts of coffee shop connoisseurs. Most notable, however, is the state of New Hampshire, which has the highest percentage of coffee shop visitors at 16.4%. Rhode Island is a close second with a percentage of 16.1%, and Maine also has a notable 12.7%. Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Alaska also see some of the highest percentages of coffee shop visitors. On the other hand, Texas has the lowest percentage of coffee shop lovers in the nation, with a meager 4.9%. Also showing some of the lowest levels of interest in coffee shops are consumers in Louisiana and Mississippi, with a mere 5%.

Overall, most states have between 6% and 9% of the population characterized as coffee shop lovers, meaning that across the nation, there are notable amounts of the population visiting coffee shops in person. So, what factors could be impacting foot traffic to coffee shops in the U.S.?

Coffee Shops in the Fall

Coffee is a growing interest among consumers as they fuel this $80 billion industry each day. Because 32% of all coffee drinkers prefer to visit coffee shops one to three times a week, business is booming.

A critical driving force for consumer interest in coffee is seasonality. Oftentimes, new menu items emerge as the seasons change, and 48% of coffee drinkers say their coffee-drinking habits change with the seasons. Fall is a well-anticipated season for coffee shop lovers, as the majority of them drink seasonal drinks in the fall. With the various pumpkin-spiced and fall-flavored treats offered at coffee shops at this time of year, consumers tend to purchase more coffee once fall rolls around. Fall season truly is coffee season, and states like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Maine may now be seeing some of the highest consumer foot traffic at coffee shops this year.

Coffee Shop Trends in 2023

It is important for coffee shop businesses to understand how seasonal shifts in consumer interest may affect foot traffic levels and sales, but it’s also important to understand other shifts in consumer interest and trends. For example, in recent years, sustainability has become a growing priority for consumers, and many of them are willing to pay more for coffee from sustainable companies. Furthermore, there has been a recent caffeine-reduction trend, as consumers are increasingly concerned about the potential adverse health effects of caffeine.

So, along with analyzing foot traffic and consumer interest in various markets, coffee companies can use location intelligence tools to understand other facets of consumer behavior and stay ahead of the curve as coffee consumption trends evolve.

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