Event of the Month: New York Fashion Week

October 3, 2017

There’s no better event to highlight this month than New York Fashion Week, just one of the million events that Gravy analyzes each month to deliver its real-world consumer intelligence.

Twice a year, the fashion world turns its attention to New York to see new collections from top designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. Runways are filled with models donning styles that the world will wear for the next six months. But, the runways aren’t the only place to celebrate all things style and beauty during New York Fashion Week: Pop-up shops, runway studios, soirees, parties and exhibitions fill the city. This season, you don’t have to be part of the elite fashion world to feel like an insider – we’ve got you covered.

Everyone remembers the hottest fashion trends, but we wondered about the people in the audience at New York Fashion Week. Where do they shop when they’re not at a fashion show? We analyzed millions of signals from mobile devices observed at the week-long event to find out.

Gravy verifies consumer attendances at more than 10MM places and 1MM events to deliver real-world consumer intelligence.

Contact us today for more details about Fashion Week attendees or to learn how Gravy’s location intelligence can give you new insight into your business.

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