Gravy Analytics Adds New Hobbyist, Sport Enthusiast, and Shopper Audiences

August 14, 2018

Gravy Analytics is excited to announce the release of 11 new audiences for use in digital marketing campaigns. Gravy Audiences make it easy for marketers to reach the right people using information about where they go in the physical world – the locations they visit, the stores they frequent, and the events they attend.

In this month’s release are:

Gravy Analytics Adds New Hobbyist, Sport Enthusiasts, and Shopper Audiences

Hobbyist Audiences: Reach ‘Cooking Enthusiasts’ and ‘In-Market Arts & Crafts’ buyers with your next advertising campaign. These audiences include people who have visited relevant places and events – like cooking supply stores, fabric shops, or craft shows. These audiences let studio and store owners easily reach hobbyists with information about upcoming classes, promotions and sales events.

Sport Enthusiast Audiences:  New audiences this month include ‘Billiards Enthusiasts’, ‘Bowling Enthusiasts’, ‘Volleyball Fans’ and ‘Lacrosse Fans’.  These mobile consumers have been observed at relevant high school, college and professional sporting events that suggest they’re true sports fans. Perfect for use by equipment manufacturers, or apparel and footwear retailers to connect with both athletes and fans. 

Recent Retail Visit by Shopper – Various Brands: Reach mobile consumers who were recently observed at leading retail stores including Kay Jewelers, Zales, Journeys, and FootAction USA.  Just in time for back-to-school, these audiences are ideal for use by any retailer wanting to target recent shoppers with a special promotion or offer.  Brand audiences can be used by the brand to re-engage their current customers – or by their competitors to launch conquesting campaigns.

View all the new audiences below or find the perfect audience today.

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