Holiday Advertising Campaigns with Gravy Audiences

November 9, 2021

While many consumers fit into the general category of holiday shoppers, it’s important for retailers to further explore what specific type of holiday shoppers they’re looking to connect with. With a greater understanding of who their potential customers are, retailers can develop holiday advertising campaigns that resonate with their target markets.

At Gravy Analytics, we help companies enhance their ad strategies with Gravy Audiences, the first and only location-based advertising audiences built on the local places and events that consumers attend offline in the real world.

A holiday shopper visits a gift stand at a Christmas market.

Here are the top five audiences that retailers can use to reach key customer groups during the 2021 holiday season.

Christmas Shoppers

This Gravy Audience consists of people who visit a store or a mall during the month of December. These shoppers may often be browsing for last-minute Christmas gifts. Retailers looking to advertise Christmas shoppers during December should consider using this advertising audience.

Black Friday Shopping Enthusiasts

‘Black Friday Shopping Enthusiasts’ are consumers who attend events and places focused Black Friday shopping. This audience is often scouring the internet for the best Black Friday deals and has a list of stores to hit on Thanksgiving night. This year, Black Friday deals are starting earlier, which means retailers need to start advertising as soon as possible. We recommend using this advertising audience to reach consumers looking for Black Friday shopping deals.

Post-Holiday Bargain Shoppers

‘Post-Holiday Bargain Shoppers’ are consumers who wait until after the holiday shopping season to find the best bargains. These shoppers prefer to take advantage of the sales and discounts that are usually available after the holidays when most people are returning items. This shopping audience would be ideal for retailers who want to advertise post-holiday sales to shopper

Top Holiday Spenders

This advertising audience is best suited for luxury goods retailers. Consumers within this audience are likely to spend large amounts during the holidays. Businesses can use ‘Top Holiday Spenders’ to reach shoppers who might be interested in purchasing luxury goods or other big-ticket items.

Holiday Discount Shoppers

‘Holiday Discount Shoppers’ are people who are likely to make less expensive purchases during the holidays. You won’t find these shoppers at a luxury goods store. These folks may prefer to buy items that are on sale and are more than likely interested in big-box retailers, especially ones that carry over Black Friday sales into December. 

The Key to a Successful Holiday Advertising Campaign: Gravy Audiences

To reach more engaged consumers and improve ROI this holiday shopping season, retailers should consider utilizing location-based advertising audiences like Gravy Audiences for their holiday ad campaigns. 
For more information on how your business can benefit from using Gravy Audiences for holiday campaigns, speak with a location intelligence expert at Gravy Analytics today.

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