Location-Based Advertising: B2B Audiences

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Gravy understands the places people go and the events they attend – both during the weekdays, and over the weekend. This means that Gravy Audiences aren’t just for B2C advertising – they’re great for B2B advertising campaigns, too. Every week, we use the latest consumer mobile location data to update all of our Gravy Audiences. Since Gravy utilizes deterministic data, our audiences truly reflect how people live their daily lives.

How are Gravy’s B2B Audiences built?

We geo-fence places of interest across the U.S., including airports, shopping malls, office buildings, universities and much more. We also maintain the largest database of events in the country, including industry-related conferences, tradeshows and training. We use information about consumer visits to these business-related places and events to assemble each B2B audience.

What B2B audiences are available?

Gravy maintains over 25 unique B2B Audiences – ranging from industry-specific audiences like Automotive and Manufacturing, to functional audiences like Sales & Marketing and Information Technology. Download the complete audience listing for details on each available B2B audience.

How do I use a Gravy B2B audience?

Gravy’s B2B Audiences are available through leading DSPs and DMPs, like Oracle BlueKai, LiveRamp and MediaMath. Be sure to check out our Data Innovators Audiences built with PeopleFindersDaaS for even more B2B options. Chances are, we can make our data available for use on the platform of your choice.

What if the B2B audience that I want isn’t available?

That’s no problem at all. With millions of precision geo-fences and billions of data points, we can work with you to build a Custom Audience that meets your B2B campaign needs. Simply choose the places and events where your B2B target audience is likely to be, and we’ll do the rest.

Ready to try a location-based B2B audience? Contact us, or download our complete audience listing today.

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