Sports Advertising: Best Audiences for Franchises and Leagues

As stadiums begin the reopening process and players get back in the game, sports franchises and leagues need to make sure that they are targeting the right audiences at the right time for the best possible outcomes. We’ve created a list of the top five advertising audiences for sports franchises and teams.


Sports Advertising: Best Audiences for Franchises and Leagues. A person plays a video game in their home.
Why this Audience?

With the closure of stadiums, arenas, and the lack of contact sports, many sports enthusiasts got their fix from mobile apps and eSport games. Instead of watching cornhole or bowling on ESPN, so many people preferred the competition of a controller and their T.V. as they battled it out on NCAA Football 14 or FIFA 20 with their friends. 

The eSports Enthusiast is a great advertising audience to use because, as your ads go out announcing the next big game, these people are very likely to respond well and potentially convert. They are the ones who are likely missing the stadium experience the most.

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