Sports Advertising: Best Audiences for Franchises and Leagues

November 25, 2020

As stadiums begin the reopening process and players get back in the game, sports franchises and leagues need to make sure that they are targeting the right audiences at the right time for the best possible outcomes. We’ve created a list of the top five advertising audiences for sports franchises and teams.

Sports Advertising: Best Audiences for Franchises and Leagues

5. The eSports Enthusiast

Why this Audience?

With the closure of stadiums, arenas, and the lack of contact sports, many sports enthusiasts got their fix from mobile apps and eSport games. Instead of watching cornhole or bowling on ESPN, so many people preferred the competition of a controller and their T.V. as they battled it out on NCAA Football 14 or FIFA 20 with their friends. 

The eSports Enthusiast is a great advertising audience to use because, as your ads go out announcing the next big game, these people are very likely to respond well and potentially convert. They are the ones who are likely missing the stadium experience the most.

4. Frequent Event Attendee

Why this Audience?

The best thing about location intelligence is that it can tell marketers who is attending events related to what you are trying to advertise. For example, let’s say that you are a sports apparel company that specializes in custom fan gear. You’ve just launched a new campaign but haven’t been seeing very many conversions from your mobile ads.

With a location intelligence solution, you would be able to reach only the people who are actively attending sporting events, i.e. the biggest fans. How much more successful would your campaigns be, then?

The simple truth is that this audience category is great for sports franchises and leagues because if a person sees an ad for your franchise or league while they are at a sporting event, then they are more likely to click your ad, visit your retail location, or ticket booth and turn into a paying customer.

3. Sports Fan

Why this Audience?

The sports enthusiast isn’t just someone who won’t miss their favorite team’s games or Sunday night football. This audience includes sports fans who actually attend sporting events, be it college or professional sports. These are the folks that wouldn’t miss a tailgate, even if it meant having to wake up at six in the morning to start partying ahead of the eleven o’clock game. These are the people who would do whatever it takes to score some season tickets. 

Imagine sending out an ad to this audience announcing that tickets were on sale for your sporting event. Being able to customize your ad messaging to appeal to sports fans, makes all the difference between casual sports fans and revenue generating customers.

2. Sporting Goods and Apparel Shopper

Why this Audience?

It doesn’t matter what category within the sports arena you fall into, there’s no denying that if someone is actively shopping for sports goods or apparel, then they are likely a sports enthusiast or know someone who is. Not only this, but this audience is willing to spend on sports goods so this means that they likely will also spend in other sections of the industry, be it sporting event tickets team merch. 

This is the ideal audience for sport’s franchises, especially over the holiday season as it’s very likely that they will be shopping not only for themselves but someone else.

1. Sports Vertical

Why this Audience?

Just as eSports fans actively play virtually with their friends, another great vertical for sports franchises are mobile consumers who participate in sporting events. Most cities have their local hotspots for athletes and where there’s an athlete, you’re likely to find a fan. It doesn’t matter what level the players are on, whether they’re little league, recreational, collegiate, or professional, sports franchises and leagues would undoubtedly want to reach out to them with spot-on ads that will increase conversions.

Using Location Intelligence for Sports Advertising

What if you had access to the best audiences for your advertising endeavors? That’s what location intelligence does for companies all over the world who are bouncing back from worldwide lockdowns and closures. We’re helping sports franchises get ahead of their competition with high-quality data that’s actionable insights for the times that we are living in. Contact us to speak with a location intelligence expert today.

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