The Changing Habits of the Post-Move American

A 2022 research report examining the impact of The Great Relocation and changing consumer habits.

Our report, Changing Habits of the Post-Move American, examines the state of the American consumer, the impact of rising living costs, current shopping habits, and what’s important to them when it comes to where they live. We used location analytics and survey data from 1,500 US consumers to investigate why and where consumers moved in the aftermath of COVID-19, as well as how their habits have changed.

You will discover that some of the areas that drew new residents at the start of the pandemic are now losing population. In other states, people who moved away have now started to return. 

In addition you will learn how location intelligence can assist you in anticipating and planning for the next big changes.

Almost two-thirds (61%) of consumers changed their shopping habits after moving, with 34% now primarily shopping at mom-and- pop stores instead of national retail chains. Comparatively, 27% now primarily shop at national retail chains rather than mom-and-pop shops.

Investigate consumer movement in greater depth

Customer Intelligence

Discover consumer market trends based on customer foot traffic patterns.

Data Enrichment

Enrich economic datasets, such as consumer spending and consumer sentiment survey data, with foot traffic to measure and predict trends.

Market Research

Determine which areas of a community are experiencing economic growth and which are experiencing economic decline.

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  • Why and where consumers moved in the aftermath of COVID-19
  • How inflation and the change in the cost of living have impacted consumers
  • How you can anticipate changing consumer behaviors as trends evolve
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