Distance Traveled


Distance Traveled

The distance people travel reveals the relative importance of the destination.

About this Dashboard

Consumer interest isn’t just measured by visits to a place or event. You can also tell a lot about consumer interest by understanding the distance people traveled to get there. After all, the distance we travel reveals how far people are willing to go to shop at a store, work out at a gym, or attend an event, and the relative importance they place on doing so.

Gravy Visitations measures consumer visits to thousands of categories of places and events. Gravy’s Distance Traveled dashboard shows the average miles traveled to visit places in an array of categories in 50 of the largest cities in the U.S. This visualization demonstrates how the real-world behavior of U.S. consumers can differ by city or region.

Visitations and related metrics, like distance traveled, are most often used for audience targeting or for market research. Distance traveled is a helpful metric for any advertiser who wants to target prospective customers within their likely trade area. From a market research standpoint, distance traveled is an important indicator of consumer demand for a product or service, and can also help pinpoint underserved areas where more locations are needed.

Data Methodology

In total, Gravy captures more than 1B+ consumer visits to commercial places of interest every month. The visitations in this dashboard reflect the real-world behavior of U.S. consumers and are built on consumer mobile devices observed at millions of places and events.

A visit is recorded when consumer mobile devices enter geofences associated with a specific category or categories. Distance traveled is then calculated by finding the difference between the location of the devices’ point-of-origin with the location of the places visited. This dashboard is built on aggregated visitation data observed during Q2 2021.

Use of Data for Media and Research Purposes
  • If you are a journalist or researcher and would like to use this Distance Traveled data or other Gravy insights for media or research purposes, please let us know at info@gravyanalytics.com.

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