The latest housing trend: Permanent vacations

July 23, 2023

They’re nice places to visit, and increasingly, people want to live there.

People seeking more than a week or two at the beach are moving full time to traditional vacation spots, according to The State of U.S. Population Movement Report, which covers Jan. 1, 2020-March 31, 2023. 

Vacation destinations such as Rehoboth Beach in Delaware; the many beaches of Brevard County, Florida; and Muskegon, Michigan are seeing an influx of new permanent residents.

People are also ditching high-cost metros for places where their dollars go further.

“Consumers are empowered now more than ever to adjust their living situation to match their desired lifestyle,” said Jeff White, founder and CEO of Gravy Analytics, which produced the report using mobile device data.

The Covid pandemic may have faded, but the remote work era is hanging on, which makes this “a crucial time for organizations to capitalize on the new opportunities these markets present,” White said.

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