Auto Intenders Audience Profile

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    Buckle your seatbelts…this week we took a closer look at one of our key consumer audiences, Auto Intenders. These mobile consumers recently visited a new or used car dealership, indicating that they are – or may soon be – in the market for a car. We decided to see where these in-market consumers go, and what they do, once they leave the dealership.

    A few key takeaways:
    1. 91% of auto intenders visit just one brand during the buying process
    2. Women are more likely to be in the market for a used car than a new car
    3. Honda buyers are the least likely to be Stay-at-Home-Parents

    View the full infographic for more information about Auto Intenders.

    Auto manufacturers can use this mobile audience to deliver targeted mobile advertising to in-market consumers across the U.S, while dealerships can reach in-market consumers in their local area. Insurance companies, auto accessories manufacturers and others whose sales correlate with a vehicle purchase can also use Auto Intenders with great results.

    Every day, Gravy Analytics analyzes more than 8 billion location signals to verify consumer attendances at more than 10 million places and 1 million events across the U.S.  Contact us at to learn how you can use Gravy’s unique location intelligence for your business.

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