Auto Intenders Audience Profile

uto Intenders Advertising Audience

Buckle your seatbelts and rev your engine! We’re going to take a closer look at one of our key consumer audiences: Auto Intenders. You can think of this group as the ones who recently visited a new or used car dealership, meaning that no matter what 2020 had in store for them, nothing was stopping them from buying a new set of wheels, or at least shopping around for a new car. 

This is the perfect audience for advertisers to target, and you don’t have to sell cars to benefit! Think of it this way: if someone is in the market for a new car, then they’re likely in the market for new car insurance. Or perhaps they are in the market for a specific type of car, like one large enough for a family. This makes them the perfect audience for family events like a circus or carnival, or maybe family planning products.

Just because the word ‘auto’ is in the name, doesn’t mean that the Auto Intenders is a profile solely meant for new and used car dealerships; see below for more information about whether or not this is the right audience for you!


  1. 91% of Auto Intenders visit just one brand during the buying process
  2. Women are more likely to be in the market for a used car than a new car
  3. Honda buyers are the least likely to be Stay-at-Home-Parents
  4. Top event category: Arts
  5. The number one auto brand bought used is Ford
  6. 87% of Auto Intenders are shopping for a new car
Auto Intenders Audience Profile

So, what do you say? Is the Auto Intenders audience right for you? Discover your ideal advertising audience by browsing our Audience Finder.

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