Campaigns We Love: Moen’s Water Designs Our Life

September 18, 2018

Moen’s elegant new advertising campaign asks, “Who designs for water?” The initial 60-second spot asks us to consider water’s essential role in our lives and the world’s via a series of water-less vignettes before shifting the spotlight to its featured product: a clean-lined Moen MotionSense Touchless Faucet.

The campaign, which includes TV spots and digital content, is part of a larger initiative by Moen to challenge the way the category thinks about water to make “each and every interaction with water more meaningful.” The campaign also has another unique objective: helping to recruit Moen’s first-ever Director of Water.

Campaigns We Love: Moen’s Water Designs Our Life

Here’s a few ideas of how Moen might use location intelligence to reach their target consumers and better measure the results of this innovative campaign.

Audience Targeting

By targeting consumers based on where they go in the real world, Moen can reach more of their potential customers, more efficiently. Gravy’s ‘Home Improvers’ is the perfect audience for Moen to use to connect with consumers who are in-market for home improvement-related products like faucets. This audience reaches consumers observed at hardware stores, design centers, and related places or events that suggest they’re planning a home improvement project. We note that Moen has a lot of product information and installation tips online, so our ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’ audience might also be a good fit.

Audience Expansion

Moen is repositioning itself as a designer for the earth’s most important resource – water – and may find that its products resonate with consumers interested in sustainability and the environment. The company might consider a less traditional audience like Gravy’s ‘Green Living’ to reach people recently observed at environmentally-conscious places or events. Moen might also build a custom audience that reaches people who have a special connection with water – such as residents of coastal cities or lake towns, beach goers and water sports enthusiasts – and have a vested interest in its sustainability.

Campaign Attribution

While Moen does sell its products online, its faucets are more often sold through home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Location intelligence can help brands to measure consumer response to advertising campaigns, whether that customer chooses to engage with the brand online, offline or both. A location data-powered attribution study would give Moen better insight into consumer response – not just in terms of click-throughs, but in consumer visits to retail stores that sell Moen products. This lets Moen better measure the impact of its new advertising campaign on both its own sales and those of multiple retailers.

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