Campaigns We Love: How Hilton Can Use Location Data To Take Guest Relationships To The Next Level

Hilton Hotel

Hilton’s newest ad campaign, “Expect Better. Expect Hilton” invites travelers to book their next hotel stay with Hilton for a better travel experience. The campaign featuring actor Anna Kendrick also introduces Hilton’s new Price Match Guarantee. The guarantee assures guests that they’ll receive the best price on their hotel room when booking directly. Should a guest find a better price elsewhere, Hilton will not only match the price, but take 25% off their stay.

We love this campaign because it shows that Hilton knows how important it is to build strong, direct relationships with their guests. The hotel chain’s free loyalty program, Hilton Honors, lets travelers earn points, choose their room, and includes free WiFi. Now, instead of making travelers choose between getting loyalty program benefits from Hilton, or the best price from a 3rd party travel site, Hilton promises both the best experience and the best price when their guests book directly. Truly, is there a better way to grow a loyalty program?

While we adore Hilton’s focus on creating loyal customers, we think their campaign could be that much better with location intelligence in the mix. Here are three ways that Hilton can use Gravy’s location data and location-informed consumer insights to boost the impact of its latest marketing campaign and take its guest relationships to the next level.


Business Man in Hotel Lobby

Reach the right consumers with ‘Expect Better. Expect Hilton’ ads. Location intelligence lets us understand where people go – hotels, restaurants, retail stores – and what they do there. Gravy’s location-informed audiences would let Hilton advertise to mobile consumers known to stay in hotels – the people most likely to be interested in a Hilton offer. Gravy’s ‘Frequent Travelers’ and ‘Business Travelers’ audiences are great places to start. Hilton might even use a brand audience, like ‘Recent Hotel Visitor – Marriott’ or ‘Recent Hotel Visitor – Starwood’ to reach their competitors’ known customers with their offer instead.

Need more ideas? More than 400+ Gravy Audiences are available off-the-shelf today. To see everything that’s available, visit Gravy’s Audience Finder.


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Build an even better guest experience. Now that your guests know they’ve got the best price on their hotel rooms, why not make their stay even more special? When you know where your guests typically go and what they’re most interested in, you can easily recommend local restaurants and entertainment that fits the bill. Location-based insights let you pinpoint opportunities for cross-promotion with other area businesses, or even potential new hotel offerings. Spa services, healthy minibar snacks and fitness classes, anyone? When you understand the behavioral profile of your guests, you can easily improve their experience during their stay.


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Invite your loyal guests to stay more often. By adding behavioral insights to guest profiles, Hilton can even start to predict when former guests are likely to be planning their next vacation. Parents of high school and college students, for example, are more likely to vacation during school holidays and summer breaks. In contrast, retirees and discount shoppers may be on the lookout for value-priced vacation packages in the off-season. Why not use consumer behavioral insights to reach prospective guests at the right time with an offer that really resonates?

Hilton’s focus on growing customer loyalty through direct connections with guests is a trend that we expect to see continue in hospitality – and across other industries. As anyone in marketing knows, a great loyalty program requires having the right kind of customer data on-hand. Location data and the consumer insights that it provides is an ideal way for businesses of all kinds to instantly learn more about their best customers, and to inform the kinds of experiences that delight them and keep them coming back for more.

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