Gravy Analytics Releases Boating Enthusiast, Pre-Mover and Retiree Audiences

Gravy Analytics Releases Boating Enthusiast, Pre-Mover and Retiree Audiences

Gravy Analytics today released 18 new audiences for use in advertising campaigns. Gravy Audiences make it easy for marketers to reach the right people based on where they go in the physical world – the places they visit, the events they attend, and the stores they shop at.

New audiences this month include:

Boating Enthusiast  – Connect with people who frequent harbors, marinas, and boat shows. Ideal for boat builders and related companies to reach boating aficionados. Be sure to check out Gravy’s new ‘RV Enthusiast’ and ‘Camping Enthusiast’ audiences, too!

Pre-Movers – Get your message in front of consumers likely to move in the near future, based on recent visits to homes for sale and open houses. Ideal for telecom, insurance, furniture and other products often bought in conjunction with a move.

Retirees – Reach consumers observed at senior living centers. Ideal for any travel, entertainment, and professional services firms that serve 55+ consumers.

Browse all new audiences, below, or download the full list of Gravy Audiences available today.

Massage EnthusiastMobile users attending massage parlors and massage events
Musical Instrument ShopperMobile users visiting stores that sell musical instruments and sheet music, as well as repair instruments
Sports Bar VisitorMobile users that recently visited a sports bar
RV EnthusiastsMobile users that visit RV parks
Swimming EnthusiastMobile users that visit pools, private swim clubs, and swimming events
Rock Climbing EnthusiastMobile users that visit climbing walls and spots
Hiking EnthusiastMobile users that visit hiking trails
Camping EnthusiastMobile users that visit campgrounds
Boat and Boating EnthusiastMobile users that frequent boating venues like harbors and marinas or sailing and boating events
Dance EnthusiastMobile users that frequent dance studios and dance events
Antique EnthusiastMobile users that visit antique and vintage stores
RetireeMobile users likely to be retired based on time spent at senior living centers
Elder Care InterestMobile users likely to be interested in elder care based on visitation to senior centers
Easter EnthusiastMobile users that are likely to celebrate Easter based on church visitation
Sports Betting EnthusiastMobile users that are likely to participate in sports betting based on visitation to casinos, horse races, and other sports betting events
Pre-MoversMobile users that are likely to move soon based on behavior such as touring open houses and houses for sale
Construction ContractorsMobile users that repeatedly visit B2B venues associated with construction contracting
Blue Collar WorkersMobile users that visit venues and events associated with trucking, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, agricultural, and other blue collar fields

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