Connect with the most engaged consumers in the US.

    Gravy Audiences are the first and only consumer audiences built on the local places and events that consumers attend – offline – in the real world.

    We use anonymous mobile location signals, and our AdmitOneTM verification engine to identify consumer interests and affinities, and build precision Lifestyle, Enthusiast and In-Market audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns.

    With Gravy Audiences, brands get:

    U.S. Consumers - User Icon

    U.S. Consumers

    Access to more than 250 million mobile users across the U.S.
    Off-the-Shelf Audiences - Icon

    Off-the-Shelf Audiences

    Popular consumer audiences, including:
    Casual Diners, Home Intenders,
    Sports Fanatics, Health Nuts and many more. Custom audiences are available.
    Platform Integrations - Icon

    Platform Integrations

    Easily execute campaigns through a range of leading DMPs, DSPs and AdTech partners.

    Custom Audiences

    Private, curated audiences built to your unique specifications. Based on your current customers or lookalikes.

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    Gravy Audiences are available through leading DMP, DSP and AdTech partners