Happy Hour Adventurers: Audience Profile

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    The holidays are over – and it’s back to work for all.  One of our favorite ways to combat the post-holiday slump is to meet up after work for happy hour.  It’s the perfect time of year to raise a glass in the company of colleagues and friends.  So, this month we decided to take a closer look at our ‘Happy Hour Adventurers’ audience.  This Gravy Audience is comprised of mobile consumers who frequent happy hour-type events across the U.S.

    What did we learn about happy hour-goers?  For starters, these mobile consumers really enjoy their beer.  They’re often business travelers, and likely to work in hospitality, healthcare or construction.  Off-hours, they may be observed at electronics stores and pet shops.  But happy hour adventurers also have an appreciation for history and the arts, and are frequently found at museums and performing arts centers.  This makes ‘Happy Hour Adventurers’ a great option for breweries, hoteliers, and tourist attractions seeking to reach engaged mobile consumers with their next programmatic advertising campaign.

    Curious to see what else we discovered?  View the full infographic for more fun facts about Gravy’s Happy Hour Adventurers audience, below.

    Happy Hour Adventurers Infographic - Image