Happy Hour Adventurers: Audience Profile

March 11, 2021

What better way to wind down from a long workday than a happy hour drink with colleagues and friends? Whether it’s in celebration of something special, or to catch up with friends after a day at the office, happy hour is a quintessential part of American culture. We took a closer look at our Happy Hour Adventurers audience which is made up of people who frequent happy-hour types of events across the U.S. 

Interesting facts about happy hour goers: There’s no denying that these people really enjoy their beer! These are often business travelers who most likely work in hospitality, healthcare, or construction. During their off-hours, this audience loves to visit electronic stores and pet shops, while also having an appreciation for history and the arts. They are often found at museums and performing arts centers. Unsurprisingly, they can also be found at coffee shops as well. 

Happy Hour Adventurers Advertising Audience

How could businesses utilize this audience for happy hour advertising? Despite what one might think at first glance, this audience loves their alcohol but it isn’t necessarily the alcohol brands that will do the best with them. Considering the variety in interests from happy hour goers, the options are almost endless. Based on our data,  advertisers from travel companies and health and wellness events would do well to reach this audience. In addition, marketers from electronic brands and pet brands should consider adding this group to their list of target markets as well. 

While their top event category attended is in the tourism space, health and wellness isn’t too far off the mark. This audience clearly has a defined interest in their health and wellbeing, and sports advertisers, as well as health food brands, would do well to advertise to this group for better campaign reach and conversions.

Want to see what else we uncovered about our Happy Hour Adventurers advertising audience? Check out our full infographic for more unexpected facts about this audience below.

Happy Hour Adventurers Infographic - Image

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