How Anteriad Enriched Its Intent Data With Location Analytics to Optimize B2B Sales and Marketing Outreach

June 29, 2023

When it comes to B2B marketing strategy and implementation, precise audience targeting is invaluable. Compared to direct-to-consumer marketing, B2B marketers often need to take more time to understand their target audiences and test their approach. What’s more, because of the comparatively longer customer life cycle for B2B businesses, thorough customer data analysis is required.

In B2B marketing, there are several types of consumer data that marketers can use to build targeted audiences, including demographic information, psychographic traits, buying behavior, purchase history, and more. Intent data is another type of data that can increase the precision of a target audience and boost the effectiveness of B2B marketing and advertising.  

Enriching Intent Data to Optimize B2B Sales and Marketing

Intent data is generated as users engage in online activity related to a company’s product or service, such as visiting webpages, reading blog posts, attending webinars, and more. By engaging with this content, a consumer is demonstrating that they are interested in a product or considering making a purchase, which is why it can be considered a signal of buyer intent. With intent data, marketers can more accurately identify potential buyers to eliminate wasted resources and increase return on investment. But, what happens when certain types of intent data limit marketers, affecting how precisely they can target their audience?

Anteriad, a full-service B2B marketing solutions provider, addressed limitations within its intent data by using Gravy Analytics’ location intelligence solutions to fill in the gaps. Read on to learn more about how Anteriad leveraged location analytics to enhance its intent data.

The Problem

With data at the core of its company, Anteriad works with its clients to drive demand, generate leads, and improve pipeline results. Its B2B marketing platform allows its clients to create highly targeted audiences using firmographic and demographic data, such as company size, revenue, industry, location, job title, level, and function. Clients can further refine their audience by incorporating intent data. While all of these datasets allowed marketers to refine target audiences and improve marketing results, Anteriad’s intent data had several limitations.

Because Anteriad’s intent data was built solely at the domain level based on the domain of a target company, its clients of marketers and sales people had to target employees across an entire enterprise rather than just relevant departments or decision-makers within the company. This means targeting large audiences rather than targeting those particular people who displayed interest and have the power to buy.

To help clients target the right audiences and gain better results, Anteriad sought to improve its intent data with added precision.

The Solution

Anteriad worked with Gravy Analytics to improve its intent data offerings, choosing to partner with us because of our consistent and reliable location data-derived solutions. Through our partnership, Anteriad was able to enrich its intent data with location analytics, allowing marketers to target B2B buyers at the site-level, such as a specific business location, like a physical store, office, or facility.

Now with Anteriad’s enhanced intent data, its clients can pinpoint the key decision-makers within a large enterprise who are highly likely to be actively interested in their product. This enables them to focus their efforts on reaching the most qualified leads and avoid wasting resources on the wrong targets. As a result, their sales and marketing efforts become more efficient and effective, leading to greater ROI.

Enhancing Marketing & Advertising Outreach Efforts with Location Intelligence

The integration of Gravy’s location data with Anteriad’s intent solution has been a game-changer for B2B marketing and sales teams. By using intent data enriched with location analytics, salespeople and marketers can better define their target audience and reach potential customers at large enterprises who are most likely to be interested. By focusing their efforts on receptive and interested prospects, businesses can achieve better results, increase their chances of success, and drive growth. Combining intent data with location analytics is a valuable tool for any B2B business looking to improve its sales and marketing efforts.

Download our case study to learn more about how Anteriad enriched its buyer intent data with location analytics and discover the potential of leveraging this data for your business.

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