Save Money, Increase Conversions: Why DOOH Advertisers Should Use Data to Drive Location-Based Advertising

Why DOOH Advertisers Should Use Data to Drive Location-Based Advertising

So much has changed for advertisers since the COVID-19  pandemic began that a lot of the road forward can feel like a guessing game. For digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisers, the way forward may feel like navigating without a compass, in pitch darkness, with a flashlight that just ran out of battery. 

The way consumers move around in the world, and the places that they frequent has changed so dramatically that digital out-of-home advertisers are being forced to innovate in order to keep up. If this sounds like you or your team, then you need to look into location-based advertising.

Show Them What They Want to See

Location-based advertising is a solution that uses privacy-friendly mobile location data to give you a complete real-world view of your customer. What does this mean for you as a DOOH advertiser? It gives you a headstart in knowing where to place ads for maximum visibility and how to adjust ad messaging to resonate with your audience. 

Let’s take a look at a popular retail brand that was struggling to reach consumers for their newest athleisure line. Before investing in location-based advertising, they were placing their ads in places where they assumed their target market frequented the most like gyms and vegan restaurants. The trouble came when they spent an astronomical amount of ad spend just to see minimal conversions; they had to think fast. 

After reviewing their options, they decided to go with a location intelligence solution that gave them a completely different, but more on-the-ground perspective. They learned that their audience wasn’t frequenting those ad locations at all, and when they did, it wasn’t at the right time. The retail brand decided to shift their DOOH advertising to a location on the opposite side of town next to a park with a free outdoor gym, and another ad placed next to a footwear retailer. The ads worked because they were able to narrow down exactly where their audience would be, and when, making it possible to cater their DOOH ads to them.

Increase Ad Reach

For advertisers, ad reach is everything. You could create the most incredible, compelling, beautiful ad, but without the right audience, that ad may as well be a blank screen. The guessing game has always been the bane of many an advertiser’s existence, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Data-driven advertising is the best way forward, especially when so many of us are doing the best that we can to guess what consumers want in this changing economy. 

With location-based advertising driven by location intelligence, ad reach is never a problem. If we look at our retailer from the above example, the reason why their ads were successful is because of where they were placed. They were able to determine what part of town their audience frequented the most and at what time, allowing the retailer to exponentially increase their ad reach. Think about it: if they had left those old ads up, sure some people in their audience would have seen them and converted, but this is nothing compared to a location where the majority of the people there are their target market. One ad could do the work of five if the audience seeing it is right.

Save Money and Increase Conversions with Location-Based Advertising Strategy

If one advertisement could do the work of five in terms of audience reach and conversions, then DOOH advertisers could save a whole lot of money on ad spend. Every brand wants to be known to as many people as possible, but if you could zero in on your preferred audience and get to know them on a deeper level, then you can give them exactly what they want, where they’ll see it the most, and at what time. 

Curious about what location intelligence can do for your location-based advertising strategy? Contact us to speak with an expert today.

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