Here Are the Top 10 Local Ice Cream Shops in the U.S.

June 13, 2023

Consumer behavior shifts all the time, and many of those shifts happen seasonally. So, as summer sets in, what does consumer foot traffic look like to ice cream shops, one of the most popular places of interest for this time of year? We know what some of the top ice cream chains are, but what about mom-and-pop ice cream shops? To find out, we analyzed consumer foot traffic data to some of the nation’s top ice cream shops to give you the top 10 locally-owned ice cream shop locations in the U.S.

10. Kimi’s Ice Cream – Apollo Beach, FL

Located in Apollo Beach, Florida, Kimi’s Ice Cream has been serving up scoops for 11 years and counting. Kimi’s takes pride in using quality ingredients to make unique ice cream flavors from scratch in its very own creamery. With a generous list of custom flavors, toppings, and extras, Kimi’s Ice Cream is a fun start to our list of top ice cream shops in the country.

9. Mad Myrtle’s Ice Creamery – Myrtle Beach, SC

This is the longest-standing ice cream shop in the historic downtown oceanfront district of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Mad Myrtle’s is a family-owned establishment that prides itself on its flavorful desserts at fair prices. Some of its unique flavors include peach yogurt, strawberry cheesecake, and more.

8.  Scott’s Quik Stop – Marlette, MI

In Marlette, Michigan, one of the top locally owned destinations for ice cream is not just an ice cream shop, but a family-owned convenience store and truck stop. Scott’s Quik Stop is known for its Big Scoop ice cream cones, generously packing in double scoops of flavor into sugary cones. While lot’s of other products are offered at this truck stop, the ice cream cones bring in visitors of their own, and will likely continue doing so as Marlette warms up in the coming months.

7. 35 Below – Tampa, FL

Rolled ice cream and milk tea shop 35 Below makes our list of top ice cream shops likely due to its unique signature flavors and locations in toasty Tampa, Florida. Now offering vegan ice cream options to broaden its appeal, 35 Below’s popularity will likely continue growing throughout the summer months as consumers flock to popular ice cream locations to cool off.

6. Trombetta’s Farm – Marlborough, MA

In Marlborough, Massachusetts, Trombetta’s Farm is a garden center, mini golf course, and events venue with some of the town’s top homemade ice cream options. Trombetta’s Farm has been serving ice cream since 1978 with a menu full of staple flavors, rotating flavors, frozen yogurt, and specialty sundaes. With many more additional options, Trombetta’s Farm likely has something for everyone.

5. The Milkhouse Ice Cream Shoppe at Oregon Dairy – Lititz, PA

Making the top five on our list of top local ice cream shops, this location serves a variety of sweet treats. Ice cream cones, scoops, and sundaes are just a few items on the Milkhouse menu, attracting customers from all over in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Located at Oregon Dairy, a farm offering fresh food, events, and family fun, the Milkhouse Ice Cream Shoppe provides a unique ice cream experience and is likely a top destination in the area.

4. Rolling Ice Rolled Ice Cream – Arlington, TX

Rolling Ice takes the fourth spot on our list with its vibrant flavors and colorful brand, attracting visitors of all types. Located in Arlington, Texas, Rolling Ice emphasizes friendly customer service and catering options to bring its flavors to its fans’ locations as well as attracting high numbers of consumers each year to its store. With its large social media following and raving reviews, Rolling Ice is likely to be preparing for a busy summer season.

3. The Scoop Ice Cream Parlor & Sandwich Shoppe – Valdosta, GA

The Scoop in Valdosta, Georgia, takes spot number three on our list. While The Scoop has a full menu of affordable all-American classics, its variety of ice cream flavors has been attracting locals for years. With its classic cups, cones, and sundaes, The Scoop likely appeals to any desert-lover, and surely has something to satisfy thousands of visitors every year.

2.  Pace’s Dairy Ann – Bountiful, UT

Pace’s Dairy Ann is a family-owned location that opened in 1957. In Bountiful, Utah, this destination likely attracts thousands of visitors due to its charming, classic diner feel and lengthy ice cream selection. With unique mix-ins, malts, and slushes, Utah consumers have likely built a love for this traditional destination over time, visiting this location so much that it racks up enough consumer visits to make it our second spot of top ice cream shops in the country.

1. Sugar Magnolia – Blacksburg, VA

In the number one spot of top local ice cream shops in the U.S. is a gift boutique and ice cream shop helping build connections through kindness. In Blacksburg, Virginia, Sugar Magnolia is a local destination for sweet gifts and even sweeter treats. This is the place for classic and speciality ice cream flavors, toppings, and even a hot chocolate bar. It’s no wonder that Sugar Magnolia takes the number one spot on our list. Sugar Magnolia will likely continue to attract visitors with its elegant charm this summer, and it will be interesting to see if it continues beating out the competition.

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