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Customer Intelligence

Improve your understanding of target audiences and market to them more efficiently. Discover more about your buyers and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Understanding your customers is critical to business success: and to understand them, you need real-world, verified, clean data. Understand your customers: who they are, where they go, and what they do.

Customer intelligence can be applied to a number of organizational strategies: providing insight and improving results across sales, marketing, product offerings, customer satisfaction and more.

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Why Location Data?

Location data augments customer data, and improves customer intelligence by providing a deeper, more comprehensive picture of the customer. Knowing where a person goes – habitually, or for specific, verified event attendance – can inform decisions based on their routines, patterns, and interests and values.

Use Customer Intelligence To:

Build More Effective Customer Personas

Gravy Audiences

Gravy Analytics has developed over 700 customer behavioral classifications based on the commercial locations and events consumers attend. Expertly target customers and potential clients with personalized content to improve customer engagement, click-through rates, and customer communication ROI. 

Grow Audiences

Improve your understanding of target audiences and market to them efficiently using location data and insights. Discover more about your buyers and uncover new audiences and opportunities for growth as well as benchmark against your competitors with customer intelligence.

Gravy Analytics Adds Beauty and Fashion, Holiday Jewelry Shoppers, and New Auto Buyers

Improve Targeting

Customer intelligence can be used to segment customers into groups that share a common characteristic. With data that has been enhanced with location information and event analytics, companies have the opportunity to segment audiences based on an entirely new dimension – an opportunity that can easily be translated to a significant competitive advantage.

Retain Existing Customers

With customer intelligence, loyalty programs and promotions can be improved – with offers and messaging precisely calculated to appeal to the intended audience. Loyalty programs help a company to strengthen the relationship with their best customers, and to drive engagement and revenues.

Identify Opportunities

Customer intelligence, enhanced with location data, offers insight into customer habits and attendance at events – which allows you to draw conclusions about customer interests, beliefs and values. This can then be applied to identify new opportunities: expansion to new markets, new product or service offerings,  additional audiences – even the best location for a new retail site.

Gravy Analytics is a location data company that collects and cleanses information specific to where customers go in the real world, including visitation patterns, to provide detailed customer intelligence. Customer intelligence is a key component in building and executing effective campaigns for your audience. Gravy Analytics provides customer intelligence via data-as-a-service, delivering clean, verified customer knowledge to be used in a wide range of industry-specific applications.

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