Data Enrichment

We provide real-world insights based on mobile location data that can be used to enrich your customer data. With location data, you can further fine-tune your marketing, sales, and customer communication to increase customer acquisition, retention, referrals, and sales.


Enrich Customer Data with Real-World Location Data

By enriching your customer data with location intelligence, you’ll get unparalleled insight into your customers, based on the places consumers go and the events they attend. 

When you use our location datasets, you can enrich your customer data with:

  • Visits to commercial locations of interest across the U.S.
  • Consumer psychographic classifications.
  • Most-visited locations.

Improve Personalization

By pairing high-quality location data with customer data, companies can resonate better with customers. Our location datasets take marketing and advertising personalization to the next level.

Enhance Audience Segmentation

Enriching data with location intelligence allows companies to improve audience segmentation, adding a completely new dimension to measure customer affinities, interests, and behaviors. Better segmentation improves ad targeting and marketing messaging. This opens up more opportunities to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Build Out More Effective Customer Personas

Create Detailed Customer Personas

Customer intelligence from location-based insights can provide real-world insights into customer behavior and interests, which can be used to improve customer personas.

Identify Upsell Opportunities

The additional information provided by data enrichment services can be applied to analyzing customer purchase history and behavior in a new light. Using enriched data for improved customer intelligence, a company can apply advanced segmentation and predictive analytics to identify upsell opportunities and improve the timing and messaging of offers and promotions.

The Power of Business Intelligence and Location Data

When data analysts combine business intelligence (BI) and location data into a CDP, they can understand customer behavior and identify opportunities to increase customer engagement.


Speak to an expert about how you can enrich your customer data with location intelligence.

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