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Event Analytics

Event analytics help companies understand their target customers and reach the right people with the right message.

Event analytics utilizes customized attendance data to increase the clickthrough rate of standard digital advertising campaigns. Gravy Analytics provides targeted audience data and insightful behavioral analytics for consumers attending events.

Event data helps your business marketing by: 

  • Identifying the types of events your customers enjoy
  • Uncovering local spots that potential customers frequent  
  • Discovering consumer interests and emerging trends

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How Event Analytics Work

Event analytics refers to data associated with a customer’s attendance at an event. These details about the customer’s interests, values, and motivations. With high-quality visit tracking software, each event is an opportunity to collect invisible yet valuable data about current and potential customers of your business. Data collectors can monitor attendees as they interact with vendors, exhibitors, or other attendees during an event. Users can see where their hot spots are, and when and at what time attendees are most active. 

The value of event analytics may not be immediately apparent, that is until data users consider the value of understanding how a specific customer chooses to spend their limited free time, as indicated by the events that they choose to attend. A person who attends a sporting event will likely have interests clustered around a particular team, sport or venue; while a person that attends a technology conference at the same venue has a different interest cluster – and different needs from your company.

Benefits Of Event Analytics

Event analytics help companies understand target customer behaviors in order to communicate the right messages to the right people. Identify mobile consumers attending local events and target marketing and advertising efforts to drive them to your business.

Power New Customer Acquisition Efforts

Use information about consumers’ event attendances to reach untapped audiences by delivering ads to people whose activities and interests are similar to your loyal customers. Gravy provides ready-to-use data and insights that are based on consumer interests, brand affiliation, in-market buying behavior, and other characteristics.

Improve Market Research

Event analytics allow companies to identify their customers’ behavior in the travel and entertainment space, opening up future targeting and sponsorship opportunities. Understand your audience’s preferred locations, favorite event types, and after-event activities to drive marketing efforts.

Retain Current Customers

Drive effective advertising campaigns with customized location data and behavioral insights from Gravy Analytics. Use the data to re-engage visitors with targeted, personalized offers and advertisements that keep them coming back.

Event Analytics Examples

TGI Friday’s

Struggling to promote its new brand and establish its restaurant chain as a favorite venue for event-goers, TGI Friday’s utilized the power of Gravy Analytics.

TGI Friday’s worked with Gravy to identify 5 million entertainment and music fans, and used Gravy Insights to offer in-depth behavioral analytics of the restaurant’s customer base. 

The restaurant was ultimately able to position itself as the ideal post-event location for local event goers aged 20-35. Additionally, their ROI increased by 600%, and they achieved 8x the CTR of standard digital advertising campaigns.

TGI Fridays used event analytics to achieve 600% ROI and improve their CTR of digital advertising efforts by 8x.


Learn how TGI Fridays used Gravy’s event analytics to position the restaurant chain as the ideal post-event location for local event-goers aged 20-35.


Gaylord Hotels

Striving to increase awareness of its premium resort amenities and unique event opportunities, Gaylord Hotels utilized Gravy’s real-world location data for assistance. 

Gravy Analytics identified a custom audience of 576,000 potential travellers in the Washington, D.C. area who would be interested in the hotel’s offerings. 

As a result, a higher CTR than Gaylord Hotels’ standard digital advertising campaigns was achieved. Additionally, onsite sales, event ticket sales, restaurant traffic, and hotel services all increased exponentially.

Gravy’s Event Analytics Services

Event attendance is a growing segment of consumer data analytics, providing enterprises with a new way to evaluate, understand, and target customers for improved business outcomes. Using verified event attendance, a business can gain a deeper insight into customer behaviors, and use that to identify new opportunities, expand reach, improve marketing ROI, and build deeper connections with their customers.

Gravy Analytics’ location intelligence and proprietary AdmitOne location and attendance verification engine processes information from over 250 million mobile devices, gathering over 1 billion data points every day. Data is cleansed to remove duplicates and verified for accuracy, venue, and event context to give the dimension of what that location signifies in the real world.

All our event data and audiences are based on real people visiting real locations. There’s no modeling, so you know that what you’re getting is solid, real-world information. The resulting data powers our industry-leading data services, insights, and advertising audiences

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