Event Analytics

We provide companies with event data to help them understand their target customers and reach the right people with the right message.


Benefits of Using Event Analytics

Event analytics refers to data associated with an event. We collect privacy-friendly audience data and consumer insights related to events. This data provides companies with an understanding of what their customers’ interests and values are.

Even though many events are on hold, canceled, or moved online due to COVID-19, your customers will eventually return to their favorite venues. In the meantime, there is still a lot to discover with historical location data. So, how can companies benefit from using event analytics today?

Acquire New Customers

Acquire New Customers

With consumer event data, you can increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by reaching untapped audiences whose activities and interests are similar to your loyal customers.

Improve Market Research

Improve Market Research

Event data allows your company to discover consumer behavior trends. By understanding popular events, you can better understand what consumers are interested in and use this information to enhance your company’s customer data.

Discover Sponsorships & Partnerships

Discover Sponsorships & Partnerships

Historic location data provides insight into what events your customers love. Use this event data to team up with venues for sponsorship or partnership opportunities to drive revenue and increase brand awareness.

Customer Intelligence with Event Analytics

Looking to understand more about event data? We recommend diving into our event analytics eBook, which focuses on how to achieve customer intelligence by using event data.


Speak to an expert to learn more about how your company can best use event analytics.

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