Campaigns We Love: Busch hides ‘Pop Up Schop’ somewhere in a National Forest

Campaigns We Love: Busch hides 'Pop Up Schop' somewhere in a National Forest

Busch’s new ad campaign, “Pop Up Schop”, highlights the company’s commitment to the environment with its pop up shop in the middle of a national forest and a promise to plant 100 trees for every person that attends. Interested consumers start by following @buschbeer on Twitter; between July 16-20, Busch will post clues to the location of the pop up hidden deep in the forest. Visitors that find one of six marked trees will win free beer for a year, while one lucky attendee will win Busch beer for life.

Founded in 1852 by George Schneider, Busch Beer started in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1879, Busch introduced Budweiser, a lightly-colored beer that brought them massive success. Busch Beer was acquired by InBev for $52 million in 2008 to become a part of the largest brewer in the world. Here are a few ideas of how Busch Beer can use location intelligence to better connect with their target consumers and measure the results of their latest campaign.


By targeting consumers based on where they go in the real world, Busch can more efficiently reach people with their advertising campaign. Gravy’s “Beer Lover” and “In Market Alcoholic Beverages” advertising audiences are the perfect choice to reach beer drinkers. Busch might also consider advertising to “Green Living” or “Outdoor Activity Enthusiast” audiences to connect with consumers interested in national forests and the environment.


Busch can also use location intelligence to learn more about their customers’ lifestyles and habits, informing new beer styles or advertising campaigns. Understanding that beer drinkers are increasingly health-conscious, for example, might inspire the creation of a new, low-calorie beer. Knowing that beer drinkers are likely to be live music fans might inspire a Busch-sponsored pop up concert series. Location intelligence can help companies of all kinds build better relationships with their buyers throughout the customer journey.

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Whether or not consumers decide to visit Busch’s pop up shop, location data could be used to quantify the performance of their latest campaign. A location data-powered attribution study would help Busch measuring consumer response to “Pop Up Schop” ads in terms of visits to stores or bars where Busch beverages are sold.

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