Gravy Insights

In-depth market research, customer insights, and competitive intelligence powered by our nationwide network of 250MM+ mobile devices.

Improve business intelligence with location analytics.

Gravy Insights provides brands with market, customer and competitive insights built on how people move about the physical world.

Using anonymous mobile device location signals, and our AdmitOneTM location and attendance verification engine, Gravy gives leading brands new visibility into consumers’ real-world interests and activities.

Market Research

Foot Traffic Analysis

Measure foot traffic and identify trends for any physical location of interest. Understanding visits, repeat visits and dwell time for any place of business.

Neighborhood Profile

Improve your understanding of any neighborhood or geo-area. Understand consumer profile and visit patterns for any time of day or day of week.

Path Analysis

Where do consumers go before and after a visit? Use pre- and post-visit consumer data to inform products, services, co-marketing, and more.

Improve business intelligence with location analytics.

Consumer Insights

Buyer Pesonas

Who are your customers, and how are they similar – or different – from other customer groups or the population as a whole?

Places (& Brands) Visited

What other places of commercial interest  – retail stores, restaurants, hotels, businesses – are your customers likely to visit? 

Events Attended

Which events do your customers attend? Discover live music, sports, business and local events that resonate with your clientele.

Brand Loyalty

Discover your most loyal customers. Understand which consumers are brand loyal, and which are more likely to defect.

Competitive Intelligence

Market Share

Estimate market share among key competitors. Keep track of how your foot traffic compares to that of your competitors. 


All metrics can be performed for any business location – yours or your competitors’. Easily compare buyer personas, brand loyalty, trade areas, and much more. 

The Location Data Difference



Billions of daily location signals from 250M+ mobile devices



The largest events database gives context to millions of places and POIs



The 100% deterministic consumer attendances at places and events


Discover why leading platforms and brands choose Gravy Analytics to power their location data needs.


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