Gravy Insights

In-depth customer and competitive intelligence
powered by our network of 250MM+ mobile devices.

    Grow customer engagement and loyalty with location intelligence.

    Gravy Insights provides brands with in-depth customer and competitive intelligence based on verified consumer attendances at local places and events – offline, in the real world.

    Using anonymous mobile device location signals, and our AdmitOneTM location and attendance verification engine, Gravy gives leading brands new visibility into their customers’ real-world interests and affinities.

    Foot Traffic Analytics

    Definitive, privacy-friendly insights into your customer base. Includes brand affiliations, interests and affinities, visit patterns and distance traveled.

    Competitive Analytics

    Unprecedented insight into your competitors’ foot traffic and customer base. Compare consumer behavioral analytics across competitor brands and locations.

    Attribution Analytics

    Track key performance indicators before, during and after your advertising campaigns. Measure site visits, unique visitors, customer engagement and more.

    Gravy Insights by Industry

    Gain customer insights and competitive intelligence; launch targeted advertising campaigns.

    Compare hotel performance, monitor competitor traffic and launch conquesting campaigns.

    Reach ‘Frequent Shoppers’ and ‘Luxury Lifestylers’, identify customer affinities
    and more.

    Identify consumer and market trends with
    real-world location intelligence.

    Gain new insights into your real estate portfolio; facilitate sales and leasing.

    Launch targeted advertising, gain customer insights, and improve planning and logistics.