Campaigns We Love: How Equinox Used Ads to Promote Brand Expansion

March 5, 2019

Equinox’s new ad campaign aims to attract health and wellness-minded consumers with a more holistic approach to fitness. Their latest advertising celebrates the company’s evolution from premium gym to lifestyle brand. Featuring celebrities ranging from singer Ciara to stuntman Chase Armitage, Equinox’s latest campaign illustrates the elements of life through dance and movement to show that fitness is truly a way of life.

Founded in 1991, Equinox is the industry’s biggest name in luxury gyms, with over 80 locations across the U.S. More than just a gym, Equinox’s portfolio of brands includes Pure Yoga, Blink Fitness, and SoulCycle, and beginning in 2019, Equinox Hotels and Travel Experiences. Equinox’s first luxury hotel – equipped with a gym, spa, and indoor and outdoor pools – will open in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards district. The company’s first-ever travel experience will guests to Morocco, with trips to Croatia, Ireland and other countries in the works.

Campaigns We Love: "Palessi"

Here’s how Equinox can add location intelligence to their campaign to target upscale, wellness-minded consumers, gain customer intelligence, and measure the results of their advertising efforts.

Improve Audience Targeting

By targeting consumers based on where they go, Equinox can easily reach their ideal consumer with their ads and offers. Gravy’s ‘New Year’s Resolution – Weight Loss’ and ‘Healthy Living’ audiences are great options to connect with consumers focused on fitness.

To promote its new travel and hotel offerings, Equinox might choose Gravy’s ‘Self Pamperer’ or ‘Traveler – Luxury Hotel’ audiences. These audiences provide an avenue to introduce mobile consumers who’ve visited luxury hotels, resorts, or spas to the Equinox brand.

Need more ideas? 500+ Gravy Audiences are available off-the-shelf today. To see all available audiences, visit Gravy’s Audience Finder.

Enrich Customer Profile Data

By understanding customers’ daily habits, Equinox can inform new service offerings and improve the customer experience for its health-conscious customer base. Knowing that Equinox customers are ‘Yoga Enthusiasts’ or ‘Runners’ can inform gym equipment purchases, instructors hired, and class schedules. For hotel guests, Equinox might even equip its guest rooms with yoga mats or treadmills.

Perhaps Equinox gym members are highly likely to visit stores like Athleta or Lululemon, suggesting an opportunity to sell workout apparel on-site. These location-informed insights can be used to identify both co-marketing and sponsorship opportunities, and inform loyalty programs that keep customers coming back.

Campaign Attribution

Equinox encourages everyone to live their best and healthiest lives, and offers multiple ways to do so across its portfolio of brands. Location intelligence can help Equinox measure consumer response to its advertising campaigns, no matter which brand they choose to engage with. Location data-powered attribution studies let brands measure customer visits to physical locations resulting from their advertising efforts. Using this method, Equinox could measure the impact of its new advertising campaign on visits to its gyms, hotels, studios and more.

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