Campaigns We Love: McDonald’s Celebrity Meal Collaboration

June 15, 2021

Brands have been using celebrities to take their campaigns to the next level for years. Recently, McDonald’s launched a genius marketing campaign featuring the likes of American rapper Travis Scott and Korean boy band, BTS. So, how does this advertising campaign work? McDonald’s works with celebrities to determine their favorite menu items, and then they offer it as a limited edition combo meal on their menu. This is a clever way to increase conversions without having to add entirely new items to their menu. 

Digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is often a strategy used by fast food restaurants. McDonald’s current ‘Favorite Meal’ advertising campaign seems to mostly focus on the digital promotions. To increase awareness of this campaign, McDonald’s should consider using location intelligence to create an effective digital billboard advertising strategy.

Campaigns We Love: McDonald’s Advertising 'Favorite Meals' of Celebrities

Finding the Ideal Ad Location

Now that vaccinations are available and more people are comfortable leaving their homes, DOOH advertising in the right locations can be very lucrative for brands. By using insights from location intelligence, McDonald’s could determine where their target audience goes the most and purchase digital billboard space at those locations.

For example, let’s say that McDonald’s is looking to reach college students with their Travis Scott campaign. They conduct a consumer foot traffic data analysis, and find that college students are starting to spend more time outside of campus. Instead of simply putting their advertisements on college campuses, they could place their ads in parts of town that college students are known to frequent the most. This can drive in-store foot traffic and increase sales of the Travis Scott meal.

McDonald’s wouldn’t have to guess at the best location for these ads because location intelligence provides near real-time insights for ad placement. In the end, budget is saved and conversions are increased because the ads are placed in the most ideal locations without the guesswork.

The Right Campaign Messaging

What if McDonald’s wants to adjust their ad messaging depending on the time of day? Location intelligence can help with this, too. 

With location intelligence, McDonald’s can customize their ad messaging based on the types of audiences who frequent a specific location. This strategy would allow them to look at a specific location of interest to determine what majority of people pass that location the most. From there, McDonald’s could adjust their ad to reflect the time of day.

For example, McDonald’s is looking to place a digital billboard ad in a busy city intersection near one of their busiest restaurants. This part of the city is known for nightlife, but also popular with teenagers. They could create a daytime advertisement that speaks specifically to teens who are BTS fans. McDonald’s could then adjust the ad messaging for the nightlife crowd by suggesting that they should consider ordering the BTS meal as a late night bite.

DOOH Advertising with Location Intelligence

There’s no denying that the world has changed significantly since 2019. People are moving about the world differently, and with all of the moves from major cities into suburban areas, the advertising and audience landscape looks very different. 

Location intelligence can help businesses like McDonald’s create data-driven advertising campaigns based on real-world consumer behavior. The Gravy Footfall Application is a great data solution for businesses looking to measure ad exposure. For more information on how brands can use location intelligence for DOOH advertising campaigns, contact us to speak with an expert today.

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