Digital Out-of-Home & Connected TV

Improve your digital out-of-home and connected TV campaigns with location data. 

How are DOOH and CTV advertisers using location intelligence in the real world?

Optimize Ad Campaigns

Optimize Ad Campaigns

Understand who has been exposed to your ads. Determine the best time and location for your ads based on timestamps and foot traffic patterns. Use these insights to improve your messaging and avoid ad waste.

Find the Right Advertisers

Discover who your audience is and what they are interested in. Understand who is exposed to your advertising by time-of-day or day-of-week. This allows you to pitch the right inventory to the right buyer and increase sales.

Adjust your Campaign’s Exposure

Utilize location data to optimize the pricing of your ads. Higher foot traffic means you can raise your pricing and earn more revenue.


Take your Ads Beyond Digital Billboards and CTV

Use location data to extend your DOOH and connected TV advertising to mobile devices.

Target Consumers and Power In-Store Promotions

Find out how location intelligence was used to drive high-intent foot traffic to local retailers and introduce a new store-within-a store stopping experience.


Discover how location intelligence can help you enhance your CTV and DOOH advertising campaigns.

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