Campaigns We Love: T-Mobile & Taco Bell’s “T-MoBell”

Campaigns We Love: T-Mobile & Taco Bell’s “T-MoBell”

T-Mobile and Taco Bell just launched a fun new advertising campaign, “T-MoBell‘, which continues the companies’ promotional partnership that started with the Super Bowl.

“T-MoBell” pop up stores in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago will feature DJs, giveaways, celebrities and special menu items like a white, cherry-flavored “T-MoBell” freeze drink. For those not near these major hubs, T-Mobile will award giveaways and prizes on its Twitter account. T-Mobile and Taco Bell announced their first joint promotion at this year’s Super Bowl: T-Mobile Tuesdays give T-Mobile customers access special deals and promotions – including free tacos – at a plethora of Taco Bell restaurants. 

Launched in 1994, T-Mobile is now one of the largest wireless networks in the U.S. Its bright pink logo adorns its retail stores and attractions like the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena and the Home Run Derby. Taco Bell began in 1948 as a hot dog stand in San Bernardino, California. Today, the “Live Mas” brand serves more than 2 billion customers value-priced burritos and tacos.

Here are a few ideas of how Taco Bell and T-Mobile can use location intelligence to better connect with their target consumers and measure the results of their latest campaign.

Audience Targeting

With location-based advertising audiences, T-Mobile and Taco Bell can more efficiently reach their target buyers with digital ads and offers. The companies can easily reach people known to visit Taco Bell or T-Mobile locations using audiences like ‘Fast Food Diners – Taco Bell’ and ‘Mobile Phone Buyer – T-Mobile’. These advertising audiences make it easy to reach loyal customers of both Taco Bell and T-Mobile with ads promoting their “T-MoBell” campaign.

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Measuring Campaign Performance

Location data can help brands measure consumer response to advertising campaigns, whether someone engages with the brand online, offline, or both. With a location data-powered attribution study, Taco Bell and T-Mobile could measure customer response to “T-MoBell” ads in terms of visits to both its pop up stores, T-Mobile stores, and Taco Bell restaurants. By doing so, the companies could measure the results of their unique advertising campaign in the real world.

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New Partnerships & Co-Marketing Opportunities

Should “T-MoBell” prove successful, T-Mobile and Taco Bell may want to explore co-marketing opportunities with more partners. Location intelligence gives companies insight into their customers’ preferences, and knowing that they’re tech-savvy Generation Z members, frequent gym-goers, country music fans, or Target shoppers gives clues about the sort of promotional partnerships that will resonate. Identify the ideal brand spokesperson, event sponsorship, retail or restaurant partnership using information about the places loyal customers go in real life.

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