Crafting Marketing Campaigns with Consumer Personas

April 19, 2021

You know a lot about your customers, but do you really know them? Consumers are complex, and their needs and preferences can change quickly. Location intelligence can help marketers truly understand audiences and develop full consumer personas that they can rely on when crafting campaigns or making business decisions. 

Having that true sense of your audience, and understanding your consumer personas can help pave the way for better data enrichment and campaign personalization. If you want to get a true grasp of how consumer personas can make an impact on your marketing strategy, then keep reading!

Enrich Customer Data

Most companies use a mix of internal (owned) and external (paid) marketing channels for their campaigns. Internal marketing channels will vary by company but include information about owned resources like a corporate website or community blog, social media channels, retail store or in-building signage, product packagings, loyalty programs, and customer communications—like email newsletters or monthly bills. External marketing channels will also vary; these might include television or radio advertising, billboards or digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad placements, online advertising, paid search, or paid social media placements.

Not every marketing channel will be a good fit for every campaign. For example, the release of a new online bill payment feature likely won’t warrant the expense of a billboard in Times Square and has much broader appeal. For this reason, the marketing playbook should also include information about the reach, audience, and cost of each channel.

Personalize Campaigns

We’ve heard of personalizing the customer experience for better returns, but have you ever considered taking your next campaign to the next level with personalization? If you build out your consumer personas the right way, then creating a campaign that speaks to your audience and drives returns is no longer a challenge.

For example, you’re a large electronics retailer that is getting ready to launch a whole new campaign promoting your new laptop line. You want to get this campaign right so you use location intelligence to enrich the data that you currently have on your customers. 

You realize that your primary audience is college students that frequent coffee shops and like attending sporting events. Not only this, but you learn that their primary shopping time is in the evening. You also learn that these students like to visit the affordable gym down the street. With this, you create campaign messaging that reflects their interests and your returns are higher than campaigns you have run in the past. If you had relied solely on outdated customer data, your campaign would have been aimed at the wrong audience altogether.

Get Data Your Way with Gravy Personas

You might be thinking that all of the above sounds great but getting that kind of data can be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, with Gravy Personas API, you can request and pay only for the data that you need, when you need it.  Your consumer personas are delivered directly to you. 

If you’re curious about how Gravy Personas API will level up your next big campaign and your customer experience moving forward, contact us for more information!

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