Competitive Intelligence Tools

    Get competitive intelligence based on real-world data. Gravy Analytics provides contextualized location intelligence that gives brands an inside view into their competitors’ customer base.

    We’ll help you see who is visiting your competitors and how often, so your business can develop more effective conquesting strategies that win new customers and increase your market share. Gravy’s competitive intelligence tools include:

    • Foot traffic data to competitor locations
    • Behavioral analytics for competitors’ customer bases
    • Competitive analytics across brands and locations

    Competitive intelligence tools based on cleansed location intelligence

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    See How Many Consumers Are Visiting Competitors

    Get competitor foot traffic data. Gravy Analytics will monitor commercial competitor locations across the United States or in specific regions, cities, or neighborhoods. Find out how many consumers are visiting each location, how long they stay, and how many repeat visits they make.


    Create Targeted Conquesting Campaigns

    Reach your competitors’ customers with targeted advertising campaigns. Our competitive intelligence tools include ready-to-use advertising audiences for conquesting campaigns. Advertising audiences come ready-to-use based on brand loyalty or can be custom build to better target your competitors’ customers.


    Get Unprecedented Insight on the Interests and Behaviors of Your Competitors’ Customers

    See where consumers go before and after they visit competitor locations. Gravy collects and analyzes the locations consumers visit, helping businesses build accurate profiles of competitors’ main customers. Profiles include key characteristics like age, interests, and brand loyalties.

    All Gravy’s competitive intelligence tools are built on cleansed data that’s contextualized
    with event information.

    Gravy contextualizes all location data for more effective competitive intelligence.

    Enterprise-Level Competitive Intelligence Tools

    Gravy Analytics provides competitive intelligence tools for enterprises in the form of verified and contextualized location data. We’ll help you get more insight into how your competitors are performing and who their main customers are so you can win more consumers to your brand.

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