Competitive Intelligence Tools

Gain insight into your competitors and their customers, to win more customers to your brand.


What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the gathering and analysis of information about the market at large, and your competitors, to anticipate competitive activity, identify market trends, and make data-driven decisions for long-term success. Competitive intelligence provides additional context for consumer behavior, helping you to understand how customers interact with your competitor’s brands – providing valuable insight that can be applied to your own business.

Foot Traffic Data

Foot Traffic Data

By understanding what the competition is performing within the market, business Gravy Analytics will monitor commercial competitor locations across the United States, or in specific regions, cities or neighborhoods. Gravy’s data is a significant improvement over other sources of foot traffic data, however, for two reasons: its unparalleled accuracy, and its verified event attendance information, which adds additional context to consumer behavior.

With Gravy’s foot traffic information, a company can find out how many customers are visiting each location, how long they stay, and how often and frequently they return.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

Understanding customers – and the customers of competitors – could provide a significant competitive advantage to a company that applies this insight to business strategies. With behavioral analytics, a company can use insight gained about the competition’s customer base to build more effective customer personas, identify new opportunities, and improve messaging and targeting for better customer interactions and improved marketing ROI.

Competitive Analysis

With competitive analytics, a company can benchmark against the competition, across different brands and locations. This provides the foundation for measuring KPIs and the success of different initiatives and strategies. Some applications of competitive analytics include customer profiles, foot traffic, visit patterns, distance traveled and brand affinities.

Using Location Intelligence for Digital Marketing Strategy

A solid digital marketing strategy should include more than just a competitive analysis. Location intelligence provides digital marketers with insights to craft messaging to reach the right audience.


Speak to an expert about how to add location intelligence to your competitive intelligence tools.

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