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Browse COVID-19 foot traffic data for leading brands nationwide.

COVID-19: Economic Activity by Brand & State

In response to COVID-19, Gravy Analytics is making select COVID-19 data and interactive dashboards available to the public. The COVID-19: Economic Activity by Brand & State dashboard visualizes consumer foot traffic changes at 200+ leading brands across 50 states and Washington D.C. Built using the Gravy Visitations dataset, visits to brands are tabulated whenever consumer mobile devices enter geofences associated with a brand. In total, Gravy captures more than 1B+ consumer visits to commercial places of interest every month.

Ready to get started? Aggregate metrics are shown at initial page load. Select a month, brand, or state to explore the data in more detail. Individual economic activity metrics may be obtained for a state by placing your cursor over the point of interest on the chart or map.


Location Data & COVID-19

Resources for the community related to COVID-19 and location intelligence.

Our Methodology

All dashboards are built using Gravy DaaS and the Gravy Visitations dataset. This privacy-friendly dataset captures consumer visits to millions of business locations and public places, across thousands of different place categories and for over 3,500 leading brands. Visitations data only includes data derived from location signals observed at commercial places of interest. It is a massive sample data set that reflects the daily habits of groups of consumers — quickly, within just a few days.

  • Data illustrated for 200+ top brands. This dashboard includes foot traffic data for 200+ top brands in all U.S. states.
  • Data reflects February 2020 through the most current month. Data for subsequent months is compared to daily foot traffic observed in February 2020.
  • All dashboards are updated monthly. Please note that monthly aggregate measures will reflect partial data during the most current month.
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