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Retail Advertising

Use real-world location intelligence to identify your customers’ interests and buying habits, improve retail advertising ROI, and deliver ads to consumers likely to purchase your products.

Improve the ROI of Retail Advertising

Increase the click-through rate, foot traffic, and sales of your digital advertising campaigns.

Gravy Analytics specializes in using location data to help retail companies improve their ad campaigns through targeted advertising audiences, foot traffic attribution, and competitive intelligence services.

L’Oreal used location data to achieve 320% ROI, with 70% of stores participating in the promotion showing an increase in sales.

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Increase Store Visits and Sales with Digital Ads

Gravy helps retail companies deliver the right ads to the right consumers at the right time. Target current customers or lookalike audiences with similar characteristics, such as demographics, or interests.

Improve Targeting to Increase Clicks

Increase clicks by delivering ads to consumers that are interested in your products. Gravy provides ready-to-use advertising audiences, using customer intelligence, that target retail consumers based on interests, brand affiliation, in-market buying behavior, or other characteristics.

Gravy’s retail audiences are built on cleansed, verified, and contextual data on the physical locations consumers visit and the events they attend.

Get up to 5X better digital advertising CTR with location-based retail audience targeting.

Location analytics and targeting maturity model.

Attribute Foot Traffic to Digital Ads

Link your online advertising campaigns to foot traffic in retail stores. Gravy Analytics can monitor foot traffic before, during, and after your campaigns.

Improve Retail Advertising with Real-World Intelligence

We help companies improve online retail advertising ROI through effective targeting and attribution methods. Use real-world location intelligence to identify your customers’ interests and buying habits, delivering ads to consumers you know are likely to purchase your products.

Company Benchmarking

L'Oreal Case Study


Learn how L’Oreal used location intelligence to target consumers and achieve 320% ROI.


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