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Location intelligence for hospitality companies

Location Analytics for Hospitality & Travel

To stay informed of shifting consumer trends and stay ahead of their competitors, major hospitality and travel companies rely on location intelligence to win over customers.


Location Intelligence for Hospitality and Travel Marketing

Learn how hospitality and travel companies can win over new guests, increase repeat stays, and delight guests on-site with location intelligence.

Location Intelligence for Hospitality & Travel

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark your performance against competitors with location-based insights that measure foot traffic, guest loyalty, and more.

Customer Intelligence

Improve the guest experience by understanding the on- and off-site behavior, interests, and brand affinities of your guests.

Foot Traffic Analytics

Measure consumer foot traffic at any hotel, resort, golf course, entertainment destination, or other location of interest.

Market Research

Research the real-world interests and habits of your target consumers in near real-time with location intelligence.

Site Selection

Find the next best location for your hotel, golf course, or entertainment venue with location analytics.

Start Planning with Real World-Data

Learn how hospitality and travel companies are using location intelligence to overcome industry challenges.

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