Reach prospective car buyers and loyalists with ad messaging which resonates with them.

How are automotive companies using location intelligence in the real world?



Reach prospective car buyers and car brand loyalists with your advertising message. Choose from hundreds of ready-made Gravy Audiences, such as ‘Holiday Auto Buyers,’ available through leading DMPs and DSPs today.

Customer Insights

Car Buyer Enrichment Data

Enrich your car sales and customer data from your dealership management system (DMS) with location-based insights that give you the ability to improve the car-buying journey.

Competitive Research

Car Customer Retention

Create dealer incentives and rebates that help you close deals with new car buyers. Create service department deals to win over customers.

Historical Data

Research Dealership Competition

Compare foot traffic, visit patterns and consumer profiles with top car brands in every market

Company Benchmarking

Dealership Benchmarking

Benchmark your dealership’s performance against national and local car market trends.

Unique Context

Dealership Sponsorships

Discover opportunities to get sponsorships that put your brands and vehicle lineup in front of prospective car buyers. Re-target attendees who went to a dealership sponsored event with ads and offers on the latest models.


Automotive Conquesting Campaigns

Launch conquesting campaigns that target your rival dealerships’ customers and win them over with their favorite car brands.

Matching the Right Audience to the Right Advertiser

Find out how location data was used to optimize on-screen advertising for moviegoers.


Discover the latest car buying trends and consumer behavior with location intelligence.

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