Public Sector

Location intelligence for strategic planning and public policy analysis

Data Analytics in the Public Sector

Data provides researchers, decision-makers, and others in the public sector with the ability to improve strategic planning and operational policies. Location data and the real-world insights it provides are a must-have resource for public sector organizations charged with meeting today’s complex challenges. With location intelligence, your organization can access timely market research, better engage constituents, and ultimately drive real results.


Location Analytics for Air Service Development

Learn how Community Data Platforms (CDP) used location analytics to help Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) expand airport services.

Public Policy & Operational Applications of Location Intelligence

Disaster & Emergency Management

Understand how people react to natural disasters and optimize disaster management policies and procedures.

Economic Development

Inform community planning and urban development projects by understanding existing neighborhoods and the people that live there.

Market Research

Level up your market research efforts with location analytics built on near real-time human movement patterns.

Operational Intelligence

Improve operational intelligence throughout your organization – from strategic planning, to supply chain management and predictive analytics.

Risk Management

Protect against unauthorized intrusions and cyberattacks with data that reflects unique device behavior and other key attributes.

Supply Chain

Gain global supply chain visibility and improve supply chain transparency while uncovering potential risks in near real-time.

Start Planning with Real World-Data

Your organization needs real-world data to meet today’s public sector challenges.

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