Supply Chain

Proactively address disruptions to your supply chain with near real-time analytics

Rethink your organization’s supply chain to increase efficiency, improve transparency, and meet customer expectations.

Gain supply chain visibility
Gain supply chain visibility

Location-based insights for a clearer view of business activity.

Improve supply chain transparency
Improve supply chain transparency

Supply and demand management isn’t as much of a challenge with location data.

Streamline supply chain strategy
Streamline supply chain strategy

Operational intelligence meets real-world data and analytics.

End-to-end supply chain visibility


Visible supply chain management for leadership

Managing modern supply chains calls for quality data that reflects human activity in the real world. By enriching your current supply chain analytics with location intelligence, supply chain leaders can use the most up-to-date information in predictive data models.

Key Product

Meet demand with less disruptions

Insights from location intelligence provide leadership with visibility into market demand and unplanned disruptions impact the supply chain from end-to-end — raw materials, logistics, and manufacturing.

Key Product


Streamline operational strategy at every stage

Create data-driven solutions to help solve big challenges like where to put a new warehouse, what new products or services to offer, and even how many employees to hire to keep up with changes in consumer demand.

Key Product

Ready to create a better SCRM plan with data?

Learn how location analytics can help your business discover supply chain disruptions before they happen.

Customer Stories

Quote: John Hopkins
Tavistock Group

"Gravy Analytics’ data has helped shine a light on the complicated patterns of human mobility. Our team looks forward to leveraging the insights their data provides in the pursuit of creating ever more accurate disease models."

Mathias Insley, Delineo Project Student Project Leader
Quote: Tavistock Group
Tavistock Group

"By using Gravy’s location intelligence, we were able to understand what residents and visitors of the Lake Nona community needed."

Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience

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  • Assess risks at both the node and network level
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