Economic Development

Better community planning starts with location intelligence.

Unlock economic development strategies that streamline operations, support local businesses, and delight your community.

Gain supply chain visibility
Improve strategic planning

Make smarter planning and operational decisions with data that reflects consumer movement in the real world.

New benefits for local businesses

Help local businesses find the right store location, reach more consumers, and improve their chances of success.

Enhance quality of life for citizens

Benefit from location-based insights that improve commercial & residential planning, public transportation, and public safety.

Economic development for a brighter future


Building more resilient communities

Analyze traffic data to understand where infrastructure can be improved and identify potential sites for land development. By enriching location intelligence with environmental datasets, urban planners can identify areas of improvement to make cities more resilient to natural disasters and improve the quality of living for residents and visitors.

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Retain existing businesses 

Economic development organizations (EDOs) can use insights from location intelligence to help businesses in their respective communities. Site selection analytics provides insight into the best locations for new businesses and where businesses should expand based on consumer interest. 

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Location intelligence as an economic indicator

Location intelligence, based on human mobility, can be used as an economic indicator. Where people go in the real world reflects consumer market trends. With this information, urban planners can analyze trade areas to compare consumer preferences for different locations of interest and predict how consumer behavior patterns may change over time. 

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Ready to get started with strategic urban planning?

Learn how location intelligence can help your organization improve communities for existing residents and visitors.

Customer Stories

Quote: John Hopkins
John Hopkins University

“Gravy Analytics’ data has helped us analyze population movement with greater resolution, factoring in devices’ locations and time spent in different areas. It's filtering techniques, like its flags indicating when devices are likely driving or are spoofs, further increase the accuracy of our clusters by removing extraneous datapoints.”

Oren Wei, Delineo Project Student Simulation Team Leader

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